Personal Information Processing Policy

The 'UNIONCOMMUNITY Co., Ltd.' (hereinafter referred to as 'the Company') places emphasis on user's personal information, and complies with the 'Law Regarding the Promotion of Information and Communication Network Usage and Personal Information Protection'.

The Company will inform you through the personal information processing policy that the personal information provided by the use is used for what purpose and method, and what actions are being taken to protect the personal information.

If the Company revises the personal information processing policy, it will be notified through the website of UNIONCOMMUNITY Co., Ltd. (

1. Items of the personal information to collect
The Company shall collect and use the following personal information for the creation of account, the provision of login service and the use of smooth services:

  • - Name (nickname), mobile phone information, email

  • - Access authority to the phone (it shall be used only in the notification service for notification of events within the service)

In the process of using the service, the following information can be generated and collected:

  • - Payment information (records, amount), company name, OS information and version, device identification number (UUID), telecommunications company information, model name of the mobile device and certification date & time

Depending on the mobile application service used, some authorities may be used. This access authority shall be used only when creating or using the content within service, but not be collected by the Company.

  • - Access authority for camera and microphone (it shall be used only when creating the contents)

  • - Access to the user's contacts (it shall be used only when generating the country codes of user's mobile phone)

2. Collecting method of the personal information
  • - Collection via website

  • - Collection via mobile device (application)

It may refuse to the collection and use of personal information above. However, if only he/she refuses the collection and use of personal information, then some or all of the services may be difficult to use.

3. Collecting purpose of the personal information
The Company shall use the collected personal information for the following purposes: However, depending on the service type, the collection purposes may be different.

  • 1) Membership Purpose

  • - In accordance with the usage of membership service, person identification, individual identification, prevention of fraudulent use of fraudulent members & prevention of the unauthorized use, confirmation of the joining intention, delivery of the notices and dispute settlement

  • 2) Purpose of the Service Provision

  • - URL delivery for the installation of mobile applications, key issuance, terminal authentication, payment, photo & video shooting, share of the shot images

4. Retention and use period of the personal information
In principle, after the achievement of purposes of the collection and use of personal information, the corresponding information shall be destroyed without delay, the personal information kept in accordance with the law by the Company and the corresponding laws and regulations are as follows:.

  • - Records of the withdrawal of contract or subscription

  • Reason for the Preservation: Consumer Protection Act in the electronic commerce etc.

  • Preservation Period: 5 Years

  • - Record of the payment and goods supply

  • Reason for the Preservation: Consumer Protection Act in the electronic commerce etc.

  • Preservation Period: 5 Years

  • - Records of consumer complaints and dispute settlements

  • Reason for the Preservation: Consumer Protection Act in the electronic commerce etc.

  • Preservation Period: 3 Years

  • - Records for the Service Visits

  • Reason for the Preservation: Protection of Communications Secrets Act

  • Preservation Period: 3 Years

  • - Records for the Service Usage

  • Reason for the Preservation: Consumer Protection Act in the electronic commerce etc.

  • Preservation Period: 3 Years

5. Destruction, procedure and method of the personal information

The procedure and method of destruction of personal information collected by the Company are as follows:

  • - Destruction Procedure

  • The personal information entered by user for the membership, etc. shall be destroyed from DB immediately after the achievement of purpose.

  • The same personal information shall not be used for any purpose other than the preservative purpose, if it is not standing under the law.

  • - Destruction Method

  • The personal information saved in electronic file format shall be deleted by using a technically un-regenerable method of the records.

  • The personal information printed on paper shall be destroyed by crushing with a grinder or through an incineration.

6. Provision of the personal information
The Company shall seek the consent of the members through a separate procedure, if it provides the personal information of members to third parties to provide better services for the members, and shall not provide the personal information of members to third parties without members' consent.
7. Consignment of the personal information processing
The Company shall consign some of the processing of personal information, if necessary, to provide a smooth service. The contents of consigned processing agency and consigned business are as follows:

  • - Consigned Object: SUREM Co., Ltd.

  • - Consigned Item of the Personal Information: Mobile phone number

  • - Purpose of Use of Consigned Information: SMS sending

  • - Retention and Use Period of the Provided Information: From the reception time of customer requests to the withdrawal

At the consignment of processing of the personal information, the corresponding contracted contents such as the strict observance of directions related to the protection of personal information for the safeguard of personal information protection, the confidentiality of personal information, the prohibition of provision to third parties and the responsibility in case of accidents, the consigned period, the return or destruction of personal information after the termination of processing shall be kept clearly in writing or electronically.

If the contents of agency or consigned business are changed, then it shall be posted on the homepage or notified in a similar way.

8. Rights of user and legal representative and their execution method
The user can view or correct the personal information of registered user at any time. With your touch in written, phone call or email to the protection officer of personal information, it shall be taken action without delay.

The Company may refuse to view or correct all or part of personal information in the following cases:

  • - If there is a risk of significant damage to the life, body, property or rights of the said person or a third party,

  • - If there is a risk of significant damage to the work of Company, and

  • - If it violates the laws and regulations.

The user can withdraw its consent at any time about the collection, use and provision of personal information at its joining.

Please avoid injurious accidents by entering the personal information of user in the latest state accurately. The responsibility for accidents caused by the inaccurate information entered by user shall be burden to the user itself, and if the false information such as the theft of others' information is entered, then the membership may be lost.

The user also has an obligation not to infringe the information of others while protecting itself with the right that the personal information is protected. Please be careful not to leak user's personal information including the password, and also be careful not to damage the personal information of others including posts.

If it does not fulfill this responsibility and damage the information and dignity of others, then it may be punished by the "Law Regarding the Promotion of Information and Communication Network Usage and Personal Information Protection".

9. Installation and operation of automatic collecting device for the personal information and details about its refusal
The Company uses the cookie method to provide the personalized and customized services.

  • - Cookie

  • The cookie that identifies the user and provides the personalized services by sending the cookie of user's computer to the server, when accessing the server again from the browser while keeping the string information to identify the user by server and keeping the cookie on files of the computer respectively by the server and browser, recognizes the user's computer, but does not identify the user personally. Therefore, if the user uses a PC that is available in public places or by others, please be sure to log out after the completion of service use after member login. And the user can also have a choice of cookies. The user can have the option to accept all cookies by adjusting the options of web browser, to make to send a notice at the installation of cookies, or to reject all cookies.

10. Protection officer and contact person of the personal information
The Company shall designate the relevant departments as below to protect the personal information of users and to process the complaints related to personal information:

  • - Affiliation: Personnel General Affairs Team in the Management Support Division

  • - Name/Position: Oh SeYong, Director

  • - Telephone: +82-(2)- 6488-3036

  • - E-Mail:

The user can notify the complaints related to the protection all personal information occurred to the person officer of personal information or to the department charged during its use of the Company's services. The Company will respond quickly and fully about the notified matters.

If you need to notify about the infringement of other personal information or to consult, then please contact the following organizations:

  • - Infringement Notification Center for Personal Information ( / (without an area code)118)

  • - Internet Crime Investigation Center in the Supreme Prosecutors' Office ( / (02)3480-3600)

  • - Cyber Terror Response Center in the National Police Agency ( / (02)392-0330)

11. Measures to ensure the safety of personal information
The Company is taking the following technical, managerial and physical measures to ensure the safety of personal information not to be lost, stolen, leaked, falsified or damaged in the processing of personal information of the users.

  • - The Company has established and is implementing an internal management plan for the safe process of personal information.

  • - The Company grants the access authority to personal information in a minimum range, and preserves and checks the connection records.

  • - The Company strives to restrict the access authority to processing system of personal information and to prevent the illegal approach and infringement accidents such as the detection of leakage attempt of the personal information.

  • - The Company installs the security program such as the vaccine software etc., and is regularly updating and checking.

  • - The Company installs the processing system of personal information in areas where the access from outside is controlled, monitors and blocks technically and physically, and manages it safely by regularly updating the administrator's password of system processing the personal information.

12. Mandatory notice
This personal information processing policy was revised on September 5, 2016, and the reason for change and the contents shall be announced through the homepage, if there is an addition, deletion and modification of contents depending on the change in laws, policies or security technologies.

However, if any important change such as the provision of personal information to third parties, the change of purposes of collection and usage and the change of preservation period etc. is made, then the consent of users shall have to be obtained.

This policy shall take effect from March 15, 2017.