Nurugo SmartUV: A UV Camera for Smartphones

Nurugo SmartUV: A UV Camera for Smartphones


The SmartUV lets you see your skin in a new light by capturing it in the invisible UV spectrum and instantly displaying the results on your smartphone. 
With this innovative UV camera, you'll be able to see which areas of your skin (and the skin of your loved ones) need the most protection and take precaution accordingly. The SmartUV arms you with the knowledge you need to keep your family safe from harmful UV rays.
We call this, seeing smart to be smart.


What exactly is the SmartUV?

The SmartUV is a connectable UV camera for smartphones that captures the world in UV light and displays it as a video or picture on your phone screen via the SmartUV App. UV light doesn’t have color as it sits outside the visible light spectrum, which explains why the images are in black and white. White shows where UV light is reflected, and black shows where it is absorbed or blocked. 

The SmartUV is very easy to use. It simply requires you to download the app for your smartphone before plugging the device in by using the connector.

 Smart UV is only developed for Android -compatible applications (to be developed in 2018 for IOS)

What does the SmartUV do?

The SmartUV lets you see into the UV light spectrum – which is completely invisible to the naked eye. By seeing into the UV spectrum, you are able to discover a whole new, previously unexplored world. The SmartUV has many uses that let you test product claims with accuracy and allow you to see yourself and your skin in a whole new light.