2 Principles of Marketing

“Only you”

We protect your customers and keep our client’s information rigorously.

“Only one”

We provide diverse formula to our various customers for building their own brands.

Nurugo, the pioneer in ODM

The ODM network, introduced in Korea for the first time by Nurugo, is a system in which the entire service from development to production is provided.

In this process, the perfect and total service includes grasping trends, planning products, development, production, management and shipment.

Nurugo energetically supports the product development and production of the brand businesses, through advanced technologies and firmly established ODM network.



API required to develop applications for mobile platform is provided.

Field of application

SDK is provided so that you can have nurugo’s features on your App.

It can be useful in a variety of fields as follows.

– Device Login Management,
– Secure Confidential Data,
– Transmit Confidential Data encrypted with Biometric Digital Certificates,
– Mobile Banking,
– Enhance One Time Passwords,
– Personal Identification,
– Mobile Time & Attendance,
– Mobile Law Enforcement,
– Enhance Existing Applications,
– Enhance (BYOD) Bring your own device security in enterprise environments, etc.

Smartphone supported

No matter what smartphone you have.