“Unleash the potential of your smartphone”

Originally NURUGO began as a smartphone fingerprint recognition brand.
The brand name NURUGO combines the Korean meaning of “finger-pushing”, “enjoying” various aspects of life, and furthermore “going” forward to a better place in the world.

NURUGO was designed to enable all smartphone users, including those who do not have fingerprint sensors to use fingerprint authentication on their devices. This can be done regardless of the time and place, through competitive technologies like mobile algorithm development, mobile software, hardware manufacturing, clouding service development and optic design.

NURUGO has constantly researched various ways to apply technology in real life situations and has constructed a line-up of applications in beauty and the microworld.

NURUGO refuses to settle and will continuously focus on the potential feasibility of smartphones. In NURUGO we aim to and believe that we can unleash the potential of smartphones, especially in today’s generation where people use their smartphones daily from morning till night.